Sunday, June 29, 2008

Crime Prevention from Home Invasion

Most people have seen a newsreel piece where the front door of a home is kicked in and the occupant of the home is overwhelmed by excessive force and violence. This is a home invasion and it’s sad to say that there are people in society that are so heinous and callous that they willingly commit these atrocious acts. Unfortunately, police can not anticipate who will commit these acts or when they will strike. One thing is certain; most people are not prepared to successfully endure such an ordeal. The purpose of this article is to provide valuable information as to why home invasions are on the rise: identify which segments of society may be at risk, and provide valuable life safety techniques that will fortify your property and make it less attractive to home invaders.
Home invasions have risen as robbers that would normally target a retail outlet find that retail establishments pose a far greater risk of police apprehension. Retail stores are more likely to be equipped with video surveillance devices and alarm systems. Most stores keep limited cash on hand and have silent alarms. This makes the home far more attractive to criminals looking for an easy score.
Home Invaders select their targets for many reasons. They may follow a person home because of perceived wealth, the car they drive, jewelry they wear or simply because of their looks. Women that live alone, people who live in remote areas, women in abusive relationships or going through a bitter separation or divorce could all be targets for a home invasion. Several other segments of society that may be at risk are the elderly and people that keep large sums of money at home.
If a person finds themselves in one of these categories they can implement these strategies to lessen their attractiveness to home invaders. Lock your doors, even when you are home. Have a peephole installed in your door. Install three inch bolts in the door strike. Have a security system installed with two-way voice ability: so the alarm company can hear in real-time what is happening during an alarm event. Have a cellular back-up unit installed in case the home line is cut or disabled. Make sure to have an alarm system that can be armed when you are in the house. Always check to make certain your windows are locked. Have windows installed with night lashes that prevent the window from being opened past a certain height. This prevents someone from crawling in. If you do not have night lashes and your windows are wood framed drill a screw several inches above the lower window into the side sash. Have motion lighting installed. Don’t open your doors to strangers unless they have identification. Verify the information and report any suspicious activity to the police.

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Securing Your Home From Burglars During Vacation

With the vacation season coming into full swing it is imperative to protect your home from thieves that are looking to prey upon the mistakes that people unconsciously make that leave them vulnerable. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is planning more for the vacation than they do in properly planning the protection of the home they are leaving. Make sure to stop all mail and newspaper deliveries. Have a friend to check daily for unsubscribed newspapers and brochures left by sales companies marketing their wares. Make sure to hire a lawn company to keep your lawn groomed. Check your motion lighting to make sure the bulbs are working properly. Place several lights ontimers in your home to give it a lived in feel. Tell a law enforcement officer that you will be gone for a period of time. Make sure that any your security system is working properly. It is important to test your system to make sure that every device is working properly. If there are any locks or windows that are broken have them fixed prior to leaving. If you have high bushes that block windows have them trimmed. If you have an alarm system and it is not monitored, get it monitored by a UL certified alarm company. If you don’t have an alarm system, have one installed. Many alarm companies can install a system with free equipment and installation as well as provide comprehensive monitored fire protection as well. One such company is Power Home Technologies the nations number 1 Vector security dealer.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Day In The Life Of A Savvy Crook

The Flag on the mailbox stood high in the air
So he rang the doorbell to confirm that no one was there.
Over the past two weeks he’d watched the grass grow.
From his truck he pulled off his lawn tools and began to mow.
Finishing the front he went to the back.
Entering the home through a window left cracked.
He took their jewelry laptops and cash,
and used the yard waste container to conceal his stash.
In under 6 minutes he had driven away,
Saying so long suckers and have a nice day!

Written by Jim McNeely, Life safety specialist with Power Home Technologies, America’s number #1 Vector Security dealer. Where we make sure bad things don’t happen to good people.

This work is copy written, no duplication or reproduction allowed without authors consent.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Why Your Bay Windows May Be Attractive To Thieves

Bay windows have become an increased target for burglars. The side windows on the bay normally have only one center lock. If the window is a wood frame then it is susceptible to being pried open with a crow bar. Vinyl bay windows are also easily opened because of the single center lock mechanism. Burglars will break the window glass to get to the latch: which they will open and climb inside. These side windows rarely have night lashes which prevent the window from being raised past a certain height. The best method of protecting a bay window is to pin the window with specialty locks or add window contacts to a monitored alarm system.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lock Bumping-Easy Acess to Your Locked Home!

Most people have never heard of the term lock bumping. They have heard of the term lock picking where a slick criminal uses a paper clip to disable a lock. The term lock-picking may also conjure up images of an escape artist such as Chris Angel or Harry Houdini shackled by multiple locks, locked in a cage then opening all the locks and escaping to freedom. Lock bumping is the fastest technique used by criminals to enter a residence without notable signs of forced entry. For homeowners and apartment dwellers that lock the doors and forget it, the ease of entry by a semi-skilled burglar is almost comparable to the door being left unlocked. This is so because of the simple physics of a pin and tumbler lock system. The inside of the lock mechanism contains a number of cylinders. These cylinders are called pins. When a key that has the corresponding cuts or grooves is inserted, the pins are pushed back and the lock opens. This mechanism of locks has been used for many thousands of years. The very antiquated nature of this system is what makes these locks vulnerable.
Lock bumping utilizes a key that has been filed down and will fit any lock of corresponding size. The key is placed in the lock and tapped with a blunt object such as a mallet or screwdriver. Kinetic energy travel through the key and knocks the pins out of place and when the key is turned at the right time the lock opens. This technique is so simple that a small child can master it. Burglars are increasingly looking for homes that don’t have alarm systems that they can quickly enter and steal items which may never be quickly discovered such as credit card bills and personal information. When a home has been violated through lock-bumping it is difficult for a home owner to have their claims paid by the insurance company because it looks like negligence.
Simple solutions to lock-bumping are to install locks that do not use a pin and tumbler system such as keyless entry locks and to install a home security system and surveillance system.

Jim McNeely, Life Safety Specialist
Power Home Technologies, #1 Vector Home Security Dealer