Sunday, June 29, 2008

Crime Prevention from Home Invasion

Most people have seen a newsreel piece where the front door of a home is kicked in and the occupant of the home is overwhelmed by excessive force and violence. This is a home invasion and it’s sad to say that there are people in society that are so heinous and callous that they willingly commit these atrocious acts. Unfortunately, police can not anticipate who will commit these acts or when they will strike. One thing is certain; most people are not prepared to successfully endure such an ordeal. The purpose of this article is to provide valuable information as to why home invasions are on the rise: identify which segments of society may be at risk, and provide valuable life safety techniques that will fortify your property and make it less attractive to home invaders.
Home invasions have risen as robbers that would normally target a retail outlet find that retail establishments pose a far greater risk of police apprehension. Retail stores are more likely to be equipped with video surveillance devices and alarm systems. Most stores keep limited cash on hand and have silent alarms. This makes the home far more attractive to criminals looking for an easy score.
Home Invaders select their targets for many reasons. They may follow a person home because of perceived wealth, the car they drive, jewelry they wear or simply because of their looks. Women that live alone, people who live in remote areas, women in abusive relationships or going through a bitter separation or divorce could all be targets for a home invasion. Several other segments of society that may be at risk are the elderly and people that keep large sums of money at home.
If a person finds themselves in one of these categories they can implement these strategies to lessen their attractiveness to home invaders. Lock your doors, even when you are home. Have a peephole installed in your door. Install three inch bolts in the door strike. Have a security system installed with two-way voice ability: so the alarm company can hear in real-time what is happening during an alarm event. Have a cellular back-up unit installed in case the home line is cut or disabled. Make sure to have an alarm system that can be armed when you are in the house. Always check to make certain your windows are locked. Have windows installed with night lashes that prevent the window from being opened past a certain height. This prevents someone from crawling in. If you do not have night lashes and your windows are wood framed drill a screw several inches above the lower window into the side sash. Have motion lighting installed. Don’t open your doors to strangers unless they have identification. Verify the information and report any suspicious activity to the police.

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Crime Watchdog said...

This is a great article. I do some home security installation and have forgotten about the peephole suggestion..great advice that I will now begin giving my customers. There is a product called the StrikeMaster2 which miight go along with what you were saying about the 3 inch bolts in the strike plate. I think WRAL T.V. in Raleigh, NC did a segment on it.

I wrote an article on neighborhood security which your readers might also find interesting. Thanks for the post.