Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Uncommon Fire Safety Tips & Facts

· Most home fires originate in the kitchen.
· Leaving food cooking unattended is the leading cause of home fires.
· Electric ranges have a higher risk of fire but gas ranges have a higher risk of fire death.

Cooking Oil should never be left on the stove attended. Unattended cooking oil left heating is the number cause of home fires. It only takes a few seconds for oil to overheat. Knowing what to do if a grease fire occurs is the key to avoiding catastrophe. When a grease fire occurs do not under any circumstances attempt to distinguish with water. Cover the fire with a lid and turn the element off. If you do not have a lid douse with baking soda. The most important element a person should have in their kitchen is an ABC fire extinguisher. This should be placed in plain site so it will be readily available in an emergency situation.
Turn pot handles to the inside so they can not be grabbed by a young child causing a serious burn or fire. Keep the top of your cooking range clean. Build-up on the stove can cause a fire. Clean your oven with a self cleaning spray. Remove large chunks prior to using self cleaning spray to prevent these items from catching fire. Should a fire arise in the oven do not open the door and attempt to extinguish. Turn the oven off and call the fire department.
In conclusion it is vital to have a schedule to check your smoke detectors as well as a home fire escape plan. Monitored fire sensors that can detect the presence of cold smoke and a dramatic rise in heat temperature are vital in protecting pets and possessions when you are away from the home as well as when you are there.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Scams Targeting Seniors

Grandma it’s me scam is a scam that targets very elderly seniors. The scammers use young people to commit this rouse. The scam works this way. A phone call is placed to the elderly target and begins Grandma it’s me! Don’t you know who I am? The senior will then volunteer a name and the scammer plays along. The scammer posing as the grandchild tells the elderly person that they are some sort of trouble and need money. The make the senior target promise not to tell the parents and to keep the whole thing a secret. The senior then wires money to the scammers. The average loss ranges from $200-$2,000.
Another scam targeting seniors is the Medicare discount card scam. Seniors are called on the phone and offered huge discounts on prescription drugs if they purchase a special Medicare discount card. The scammers get the senior target to disclose credit card and bank account numbers along with other personal information. The scammers then use the account information to withdraw funds from the accounts.