Thursday, August 28, 2008

Child Proofing Your Home Office

A new baby creates a great sense of joy and pride. They are the reason we work. They are the future leaders of tomorrow and the continuation of our family heritage. When the home business was started the dreams of self-management were often intertwined with having the freedom to spend more time with the kids and be able to adjust our schedule to see more of the important aspects of their lives. When infants become toddlers their inquisitive minds create a myriad of security challenges. The safety of these precious gems is always paramount but it only takes a second of distraction for catastrophe to occur. Here are some simple tips to help child-proof your home office.
· Place power strip covers on power strips.
· Install outlet covers
· Place pencils, pens, scissors and letter openers in a locked drawer.
· Install an overhead lock on the door to the office
· Make sure computers and objects are pushed back from the edge of the desk so a child can not reach up and pull it off.

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