Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pre-Planning For Hurricane Hannah- 72 Hour Disaster Readiness Kit

Pre-Planning Save Lives, Be Prepared
Damage reports from Gustav are still being collected. In a 24 hour period, the projected path for the eye of Hurricane Hanna ranged from central North Carolina to the Outer Banks. Ike and Josephine are stacked up in the Atlantic like jets looking for a place to land.
As hazardous weather conditions approach, we need to be prepared. A key survival tool for all households is a 72-hour kit. During natural disasters, emergency responders may not be able to assist as quickly as they do under normal conditions due to hazardous travel conditions and/or increased call volume. We must be ready to take care of our families and ourselves.
“Now is the best time to make sure that you have at least a three-day supply of essential items as well as crucial information ready for immediate use or transportation if needed,” said Colonel Frank Montes de Oca, Director of Orange County Emergency Services.

To be prepared, consider storing the following items in your home. Some of the same items should also be stored in your vehicle.
Prepare a minimum three-day supply of essential items for each person and any pets in your home. Store your kit in a convenient place known to all family members. The kit should be in containers or bags (such as backpacks) that are durable, waterproof and portable for possible evacuation or relocation to an emergency shelter if necessary.
Battery-operated radio/TV
Flashlights and extra batteries
Drinking water (1 gallon per person per day), stored in clean plastic containers with tight-fitting screw-cap lids, and other beverages
Canned food, manual can-opener, and cooking fuel such as sterno
Medications and prescriptions and contact information for family physicians
Special food and supplies for infants, elderly people, diabetics, etc.
First-aid kit and first-aid manual
Fire extinguisher
Bedding supplies, sanitary supplies (toilet paper, feminine supplies)
Cards, books, small games, road maps
Clothing, rain gear, sturdy shoes, extra glasses or contacts
Credit cards and cash, extra set of car keys, insurance policy numbers
Picture ID
List of important family information, style and serial numbers of medical devices, such as pacemakers
Food, water, medications, toys and carriers for all household pets
Monitor local media outlets for critical news and advisories. Additional preparation and disaster information can be found on the Orange County Emergency Services Web site: or
The American Red Cross, local power companies and state and federal emergency agencies provide preparedness and survival information. Check their websites for additional information.
American Red Cross:
Duke Energy:
Progress Energy:
NC Department of Crime Control and Public Safety (CCPS):
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA):


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Every home needs home inventory and now a days home security is very important in case of any disaster you can claim your possessions or assets. Pre planning or safety is very important I totally agreed with your thoughts. We can save ourselves by adopting some simple ways for the coming catastrophe. I liked these lines very much "Now is the best time to make sure that you have at least a three-day supply of essential items as well as crucial information ready for immediate use or transportation if needed". Thank you very much for sharing the useful tips. You really did a great job. Thank you for it.