Thursday, November 27, 2008

Conventional Smoke Detectors Won't Wake Your Kids- A Must SEE Video

As I was doing some research last night I came across a blog called your alarm guy which was created by a fellow life safety consultant for Vector Security in Massachusetts. The blog leads with a very relevant article on how conventional smoke detectors, found in most homes, do not wake most children. This video is shocking but very informative. As a life safety consultant, for Vector security’s #1 dealer Power Home Technologies my mission is to make sure bad things don’t happen to good people. I had never seen this video prior to yesterday and I was compelled to create this post because Thanksgiving Day is historically the day that most home fires occur. Over the last few days I have posted several articles on how to make your home safe during the holidays I hope that those articles along with this post will keep you and yours safe.
You may be wondering if there are any alternative solutions to conventional smoke detectors that will wake your children. Photo-electric smoke sensors that have the ability to detect a smoldering fire and a dramatic rate in temperature change when tied into an alarm or security system that has two-way voice communicating ability will do the job. Two-way voice is like having ONstar for your home. When the alarm system is activated because of a fire or any alarm event it triggers the activation of an internal microphone that allows the alarm company to hear what is occurring inside the residence in real time. The alarm company then can audibly communicate over a speaker microphone calling the children by name which thru scientific experiments has been shown to wake them. Fires double in size every 20 seconds. Your child can not afford to sleep for a full two minutes while the alarm is blaring. Vector security has received numerous awards for their distinguished work in alarm dispatch. For additional information on fire safety devices go to

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