Saturday, November 15, 2008

Don’t Let Criminals Make You the Thanksgiving Turkey!

You want to make it grandma’s house on time and the last thing on your mind is being the victim of crime. Often, people spend more time planning the Thanksgiving day menu than they do in planning measures to keep their families and possessions safe. Criminals know that where there are distractions because of upcoming attractions that opportunity to score becomes much more prevalent. Taking a few simple steps in advance of your departure could be the difference between coming home to find everything safe and sound or finding an unwanted and unexpected surprise of being burglarized. First, we must deal with truth verses delusion. The delusion that crime only happens in certain types of neighborhoods is the type of folklore that leads to good people experiencing bad situations that rob them of their dignity and their possessions. The truth is with an unstable economy crime will rise. Some people feeling the strain of diminished finances will resort to criminal activity. Drug use also rises during times of recession. The key question to be asked is how the individuals who are cash poor and drug dependent can afford to feed their addiction? The answer is a simple one, they look to take from others. The next question raised is will it be you? If you apply these common sense strategies the likely hood of you becoming a victim will be tremendously reduced.
The first priority in home security is eliminating access by making it difficult for potential criminals. Prior to leaving, perform a security sweep of your property. Think like a criminal. If you were them, how would you get into the home? Look for tools that may be lying around. Make sure that all windows are locked and the screens in place. Put up any lawn furniture and remove the propane tank from your gas grill because criminals could use it to break out a window or glass pane in a door. Make sure that all bulbs in motion lights are working properly. Make sure that your crawl space door is locked. If it has exterior hinges replace the screws with headless screws. If you have an exterior storage room where the hinges are located outside, replace with permanent hinges or reinstall the door so the hinges swing inward. Prior to leaving do not discuss your plans in public. Criminals are everywhere. Stop your mail; but this is not enough, have a trusted friend or neighbor make sure that they go by the home and pick up unsubscribed mail circulars that usually accompany a big commercial holiday. Never leave a voice message on your voice mail that says that you are away. Have your interior lights set on a timer. Call the police department and ask them to patrol your neighborhood and let them know when you expect to return. One of the best deterrents for preventing a home burglary while you are eating turkey and enjoying football is to have a home security system installed. A home security system with two-way voice communication and cell phone back-up, which provides a fail safe if the phone line is cut, is the best type of alarm system to have. Make sure that the company you select has more than one monitoring call center. Make sure that the call center is UL certified because some small alarm companies may be monitoring with a computer located in their home. You get what you pay for. So whether you are looking to secure a home in Durham, Raleigh, Goldsboro, North Carolina or Dallas, Texas or anywhere in the world applying these tips will allow you to enjoy your stay away.

This article was written by Jim McNeely, Life Safety Consultant of Power Home Technologies the #1 Vector Security Dealer in the nation. If you live in Central or Eastern North Carolina and need a security consultant to speak to your community or association or you need a home security system installed go to

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