Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Honeywell Total Connect System is the future of security system communication

The Honeywell Total connect system using the 7845i GSM radio uses the internet as the primary platform for the communication of the alarm panel. The 7845i GSM radio (along with Alarmnet) allows improved security system communication. Users of this technology can control their security system remotely over a high speed internet connection using a cell phone, PDA, or virtual keypad on their laptop or desktop computer. The Total Connect system uses triple path technology which includes GPSR (General Packet Radio Service), SMS (Short Message Service or text messaging) and the GSM cellular network. Advantages of the Total Connect System include:
· The ability to arm and disarm the system using your cell phone through text messaging.
· Allows the user to receive a message when system is armed or disarmed through email or text messaging.
· Allows user to receive a message when a certain door, safe or liquor cabinet is opened. Also lets user know if system is armed or disarmed. This is great for teenagers who you do not want entertaining guests with no supervision.
· Allows optional video alerts with the use of compatible IP addressable cameras. Excellent option for checking up on an aging relative.

Look for more information regarding Total Connect in the upcoming weeks.

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