Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quick Tips on Keeping Thanksgiving Safe for Your Guests

Thanksgiving Day is one of the best holidays of the entire year. The family gathering along with great food and football makes it incredibly special. Often as we look to gathering at that special place we call home, we overlook potential hazards that could cause our celebration to turn into a nightmare. This brief article was written with the sole intent of providing some a simple checklist to follow to help assure holiday bliss. Thanksgiving Day is the number one day that home fires occur. Make sure you are fire conscious.
· Check all your smoke detectors before your guests arrive. Make sure they are in good working order.
· Have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen on the counter. Make sure that it is pressurized and that it has not passed the effective use expiration date. Make sure you know how to properly use the extinguisher.
· Keep the stove area clean from grease.
· Do not leave the area while food is cooking.
· Keep all pot holders and dish towels away from the cooking surface.
· Make sure all pots and pans are pushed away from the edge to prevent them from being pulled off by a small child.
· Do not deep fry a turkey inside the house. Make sure the deep fryer is away the house and out in the yard. Make sure that the turkey is completely thawed before placing it in the hot grease. The hot grease will spurt out causing the cook to be severely burned as well as start a fire.
· Have the emergency numbers as well as poison control listed by the phone.
· Place a baby gate to block the stair to prevent toddlers from getting hurt.
· Place an additional gate to block access to the kitchen.
· Make sure that all hallways are clear to prevent a guest from falling.
· Make sure that all interior lights are working.
· Have hand rails in place so that seniors and children will not fall when ascending or descending the stairwell.
· Have non-slip strips installed in the tubs and showers.
· Place a lock on medicine cabinets and areas where cleaners are to prevent a curious child from being accidentally poisoned.
· Walk all your guests through your home fire escape plan.
· Make sure that all guests know how to activate the emergency panic buttons on the security system to dispatch for police, EMS and fire.

Written by Jim McNeely Life Safety Specialist for Power Home Technologies, the #1 Vector Dealer in the nation. To reach Jim go to

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