Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Rogue Relative: Aka Black Sheep of the family

Every one has that one shady relative, right? The one that you don’t want to discuss in polite company, but they’re still family and they will be coming to the family gathering. This is the person that likes to snoop around when you’re not looking and borrow things (wink): without your permission. I’ve overheard the conversations before, “I had a set of earrings just like that, but I haven’t been able to find them since last Thanksgiving weekend.” Then they ask, “Where did you get yours.” They respond, “I just picked these up somewhere.” Yeah that’s right, they picked them up somewhere: right out of your jewelry box and straight into their pocket. You’ve got too much class to a call them a lair and thief without proof. You have your suspicions and now you need proof. So what do you do? Elementary, My dear Watson, elementary. You follow these tips to assure you catch them in the act, and use the footage for the newest episodes of crimes caught on tape.
First you need to proper equipment to bait the trap. Go to the local hunting store or Walmart and purchase one those deer cameras. Position it behind some decorative pillows with only the lense showing. I realize that lighting may be a factor, but since the criminal (I mean your relative) doesn’t expect to get caught they will most likely turn on the light and when they walk by the camera the trip the motion sensor and they are caught on candid camera. The resolution on these cameras is low and won’t be admissible in court, but you have enough to confront them and get your stuff back. Hopefully they will be apologetic and never do it again. The next solution is more security sensitive and works with the hunting theme.
Almost all hunters have a gun cabinet or gun safe, but I have gone to many homes and they keep the gun in the bedroom closet where they can get to it in the middle of the night if something happens. The problem is they never think that a curious child may wander into that area and get his hands on the “Peace keeper.” My suggestion is to have an alarm attached to the door of the closet that is set for instant alert. If you have this as a part of your monitored alarm system combined with two-way voice you will not have to worry about a false alarm. When the alarm is triggered the alarm monitoring company will come across the speaker microphone built into the system. If it is a false alarm then you give them your password and they will not dispatch the authorities. So let’s get back to catching the rouge relative.
Installed covert cameras that are tied into a DVR and networked into your internet connection is the way to go. These cameras can be placed inside a clock a light, security motion detector and even inside a stuffed animal. You can monitor the activity through any computer with a high speed internet connection. The applications are endless. If you have an elderly person come stay with you that requires outside care, you can be sure that the care giver is treating them well. You can make sure that your teenage kids don’t have people at the house when they were told not to have guests over. You can make sure that they are not slipping out because you can install exterior cameras with night vision capability. When it comes to matters of safety there is no invasion of privacy so long as these devices are installed in the common areas of the home.

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