Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thank God For Security Cameras in Nursing Homes

Thank God they have security cameras in nursing facilities. An investigation just concluded regarding a man that died in Cherry Hospital in Goldsboro,NC on April 29, 2008. Steven Sabock, 50, of Roanoke Rapids was in the care of as many as sixteen people who who neglected his care and then falsified his record to cover up this injustice. If it were not for the security cameras that showed the time line of events and clearly exposed the lack of care Mr. Sabock received during his last 22 hours of life, the culprits may still be caring for patients. Mr Sabock is seen by video cameras receiving medication on April 28, 2008 at around 8pm. He begins choking and falls to the floor hitting his head. His caregiver presses on his stomach to dislodge the medication then immediately snatches the man up without checking for additional injuries. This is a violation of the emergency procedural code. A nurse is seen standing a few feet away, and does nothing. It takes over two hours before he is seen by a physician assistant. He is sent to the day room immediately afterwards. Instructions were given to take his vital signs every two hours. The assistants left this man in a chair for over 16 hours in his own urine and watched television, danced, played cards and joked around without attending to his needs. When the man expires they hatch a plot to cover it up. A full account of these events can be found at http://www.newsobserver.com/2771/story/1300808.html.
Imagine if this had been your relative or loved one. If it were not for security cameras more events like this would likely occur. It makes you wonder how people could be so heartless and insensitive. If you are in the nursing business you should be there to do your job, which is to provide care, not just collect a paycheck. It should be a law that these cameras are installed in every facility that cares for patients that can not take care of themselves. So long as there are people that abuse others in this way, security cameras will always have there place.

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