Thursday, December 25, 2008

Burglar proofing your trash-Home security tips you may not know

Criminals are watching your trash and the security of your home is at risk as result. Boxes that were used to house electronic items like Plasma Televisions, stereo systems, computers and video game systems are broken down and cavalierly left at the curb for the recycle or trash disposal to carry away. A vigilante burglar drives by and sees the make and model of your brand new treasure. He or she observes the cars and looks for vulnerabilities in the home that can be used to gain access. Things criminals may look for:
• High bushes that cover windows
• Doors without deadbolts
• Ladders lying on the side of a home that are unsecure
• Crawlspaces with no locks
• Homes with fences and no dogs
• Homes without security systems
• Homes that sit back from the road
• Homes with the back to the woods
The best solution to protect burglars from searching your trash is to never leave it for the trash man to take.
• Carry your boxes to the dump yourself.
• If you have a fireplace, burn the boxes.
• Leave the boxes at the store and wrap the items in a blanket and secure it with packing tape.
• Perform a home safety physical to address issues that may make your home a target.
By taking the necessary precautions you will greatly reduce the risk of being the victim of an opportunistic burglar. For additional information on home safety check out the violence and injury prevention unit.

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