Sunday, December 14, 2008

Home invaders Bum Rush Teens with Shoddy Security System

Two teenagers found out the hard way that things aren’t always the way they appear. In Queens, NY two brazen crooks posing as New York City police officers serving a search warrant pushed their way into a home and tied up two teenagers fifteen and seventeen. The Home invaders stole perfume, a cell phone and a hard drive to the security system. These events occurred Dec 2, 2008 at around 6:00pm according to a news feature done by WABC-TV New York, NY. Sadly these things happen and people wonder what could have been done differently to change the outcome. Children left at home, even teenagers should never answer the door to strangers even the police. When in doubt dial 911 so the call can be recorded. This can even be done with a cell phone that doesn’t currently have service but has a SIM chip inside. Tell the 911 officer what is happening and the address. Another eyebrow raising fact given in this story was that a hard drive to the home security or alarm system was stole.
There are no hard drives in home security or burglar systems. CCTV or Video Monitoring or surveillance systems that are connected to a computer or DVR would have a hard drive, but there was no mention of a camera system. If there was indeed a camera system that was IP networked and connected over a high speed internet connection the video feed could have been stored to an offsite server and there would be video footage of these neighborhood terrorists. It appears that the family attempted to provide some measure of safety but they had the design backwards. If the family had a security system and it was armed in the stay mode and set to instant it would have called the true authorities when the invaders came through the door. The loud noise of the siren would have also attracted attention. Neighbors would have come outside to see what was happening. But according to the news report, the system that was in place was nonfunctional.
This type of situation could happen anywhere including Raleigh or Durham North Carolina. It is not limited a big city like NEW York, NY. In tough economic times crime will increase and criminals will become more brazen. With the rise of gangs in small cities, home invasions will become more prevalent. Now is the time to establish a security method for your family. Now is the time to make sure that you have the correct security or life safety equipment installed in your home. Several factors to consider: make sure your alarm system is up to date and has two-way voice monitoring, which allows the monitoring call center to hear alarm events in real time over a speaker microphone connected to the alarm panel, and a cellular GSM backup incase the phone line is cut. Make sure that the security system has an automatic test feature to report malfunctions with the system to the monitoring center. Finding out during a crisis that the alarm does not work may be good for a lawsuit but not to save your life. Also test your alarm system by letting it go off then go and turn it off. See how long it takes for the security company to call you. Often times they won’t because of an installed dialer delay that can be as long as a minute and a half. What good does that do you when you are forced into your home at gun point? Homeowners with additional questions or comments are invited to respond. Additional information regarding safety measures can be found at

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