Monday, December 8, 2008

Husband and Wife Burglars Use Classic Rouse to score Guns and Jewelry

Homeowners beware, a knock on the door by a pleasant young woman to see if you’re their. If you answer the door she will tell you a heart wrenching tale of how she’s looking for a lost puppy. If no one answers, her husband and partner unlawfully enters through the back door. They are looking for two things, gun and jewelry. This classic rouse worked like a charm in over 60 break-ins in Troy, Missouri. Kibb Patrick Howard 27 and Karla Kay Howard 26 worked the break-in circuit like a steady job and sold their stolen merchandise to a local jewelry store owner, Michael Karl Sifrit 42, who then sold the items on eBay. This husband and wife might still be in business if not for the stupidity of Sifrit. Selling stolen items on eBay is like going straight to the police station and selling the stolen out the back of van. EBay is the first place next to the pawn shop that police will go to investigate stolen goods. It’s great that this trio is off the street because people work far too hard to get what they have to have it taken away by burglars looking for an easy score to feed a drug addiction.
Police confiscated over 100 weapons and other items at Sifrit’s home when he was taken into custody. According to police, Michael Sifrit bought as many as 500 stolen weapons. Kibb and Karla confessed that they broke into homes in as many as five counties. The Break-ins were for the sole purpose of fueling a heroine addiction. These events could happen in any community throughout the United States. Burglaries happen on average of one every 12 seconds. The Rouse that was used is as old as the hills. There are several conclusions that can be taken from this most recent news story. Drug addicts will look for easy ways to gain cash and breaking into houses seems easy. Homeowners obviously are not doing enough to secure their homes and guns. Guns in the hands of criminals, puts everyone at risk. This can be deterred when homeowners follow some simple home safety tips.
• If someone one comes to your door with a fishy story, get a good description of them and call the police.
• Protect your home when you are away by making access hard.
• Place a door jammer on your back doors.
• Install windows with night lashes to prevent them from being raised past a certain height.
• Don’t leave ladders unsecured, where a criminal can use to gain access to a second story.
• Make sure you have dead bolts installed on all doors.
• Install a monitored home security system with cell back-up.
• Have guns secured in a gun safe that is secured to the studs of the wall or floor.
Install security cameras on the exterior of the home.
• Never be lax on security issues.
Written by Jim McNeely

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