Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kind Heart Leads to 911 Call and Long Dirt Nap

Paulette Locklear age 64 of Cumberland County made one final call. One year short of collecting full Social Security benefits and nine days before Christmas her final words to anyone other than her killer were to a 911 officer. Sadly, EMS did not arrive in time to save her life. Miss Locklear had hired a homeless man, 45 year old Julio Cesar Ramos, to do work around her home, and this is the individual that the authorities have arrested. According to an article listed on the WTVD website, friends of Miss Locklear claim that she appeared to be beaten to death. There was also evidence that the back windows and door had been broken out. Law enforcement could not find anything missing so they do not know if robbery was a motive. Miss Locklear should still be amongst the living; but we can only surmise that her kind heart led to her demise. It is doubtful when she hired this homeless man that she performed a criminal background check on him. This is something that she should have done before hiring him, and it goes without saying before allowing him to stay in the home, as she had done according to witnesses. She most likely saw someone in need and looked at the blessing that she had and knew that sharing them with someone less fortunate was the right thing to do. Criminals are myopic and often take kindness for weakness. With drug dependencies to fund they don’t consider the past good that someone has extended. They are only concerned about what can you do for me now. Let us not allow the death of Paulette Locklear be in vain. Let us use her death to get more funding to track probationers and get criminals and drug abusers off the streets. Questions no longer remain as to whether Julio Ramos was a legal citizen, he was not. Since he is not and is in the country illegally it emphasizes the need for more funding to secure US borders and properly screen individuals entering the country.
Citizens everywhere must not wait on law enforcement to receive this funding because it will likely take years. It is vital that neighborhood watch programs become more active. People should take a more active approach in the safety of their own neighborhoods and homes. It is hard to say whether a security system with a panic alert and two-way voice would have prevented this but it might have. Miss Locklear most likely had to fight her way to the phone to dial 911. The 911 call does not trigger an audible siren that may have alerted neighbors to her impending distress. These simple and affordable items would at least deter if not prevent home invasions and other acts of violence such as this. Let Miss Locklear’s death serve as a sobering reminder that bad people walk amongst us and we must use every available resource to not be sheep blindly taken to slaughter.

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