Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lack of a Data Recovery/Offsite Computer Backup System Lands victim in Jail

Failure to implement an offsite computer backup or data recovery system is not an actual crime, but can easily land a business owner into financial upheaval and economic ruin, which is its own short of prison sentence. The life essence of businesses are their client files, databases, spread sheets, sales proposals, tax records, payroll and accounting information, and event and day organizers. When a business find itself a victim of a fire, natural disaster or major theft, insurance will replace the computers but not what is on them. The data located on the computers are what gives these devices their real value. If critical data can not be recovered the business could go from successful and profitable to destitute and bankrupt. Therefore, it is necessary to implement the best possible data and computer backup service possible.
Two backup services that provide excellent value and exceptional features are offered by Guardiant and C-Support INC. Stephen Norman-Scott, Vice President of Internet sales for C-support, recently spoke at a BNI meeting where he stated that many business owners don’t understand that they are placing their livelihood in jeopardy by not having a backup service. Often he has found that many businesses rely on an employee to back-up data. Employees often forget to perform the backup which is one of the problems with corporate data backup. The other problems are in backup systems used. Often the methods used are either to an external hard drive, CD or antiquated tape drive systems. These outdated methods are unreliable and still leave the business at risk. C-Support Inc has one of the best starting points for an offsite backup service, with business plans beginning at $10.95 per month for 2GB of data and only $1per month more for each additional GB. Plans for home use begin at $10.95 per month for 5GB of data and Fifty cents more for each additional GB. C-Support does not charge additional fees for data recovery.
Bob Ross, , vice president of sales, Guardiant Assurance, states that many backup services on the market entice clients with cheap backup rates and then charge astronomical rates for data recovery. The Guardiant backup system, like C-support, does not charge for data recovery. However, they provide a very unique feature in backing up not only the data but also the entire hard drive, which includes the computer operating system, along with all the programs, applications and settings. Should a business be in the unfortunate situation of having to recover data where they must replace the computers, Guardiant can reload the exact image of the hard drive and have the business fully operational in a very short time. Disaster recovery is not a novel concept but a necessity. From a security standpoint all data that is transferred every fifteen minutes is encrypted where it can not be stolen by internet hackers. This is a prerequisite of all good backup services. Equally necessary is a system to redundantly store the backed up data. Both Guardiant and C-Support offer these features. Guardiant have plans for businesses that will restore the operating system, programs and all files with unlimited storage for $34 per month per computer or a server for $500 annually for up to 100GB and twenty-five cents additional for each GB.
Back-up should also include the security system if there is a camera system that is IP addressable. Having a camera system that records to a hard drive that is not backed up properly can leave your company exposed. The hard drive is located inside of the DVR. After a period of time all hard drives fail, so it is necessary to have them properly backed up. Most businesses don’t because it was never explained to them by the alarm company to do so. If perpetrators breach your security system and manage to steal the DVR that the cameras record to there will be no crime stopper footage and the money invested in a camera system would be a waste. For information on surveillance and CCTV camera back-up call 919-949-9690 or go to No business wants to be a victim, but proper planning in advance will lead to a much faster recovery. For additional information on C-Support call 919-544-7916. Additional information on Guardiant services call 919-968-0130.


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The data recovery software are termed as ‘Do It Yourself’ utilities for the reason being that even the layman would be able to mange it to get the data recovered. On the other hand, the servicing of the hard drive is not an easy task and also not possible in the general surroundings.