Saturday, December 27, 2008

North Carolina Sex offender Alert Over the Phone

The middle-aged guy with the balding hair, glasses and pot belly although cordial could be the next mark on Dateline’s To Catch a Predator. From the confines of his home, in the dark, illuminated only by the glow of the computer monitor he trolls the internet in search of underage girls or boys to fulfill his sick and twisted fantasies. In the state of North Carolina convicted sex offenders are required to register with the North Carolina Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry. This site has the current or last known address of the sex offender, photo, and charges the offender was convicted. The sex offender allows concerned citizens to search to see how sex offenders live within a certain geographic radius of their home. Many people, due to busy schedules and limited internet access, now have a new solution: alert by phone of new sex offenders that move into the community. To be alerted by phone call 877-627-2826 or visit
Awareness of a potential threat to your family’s safety is only the beginning. Taking effective action is the most important thing a person can do.
• Educate children about bad people.
• Educate children about appropriate touching.
• Educate children not to take things from strangers.
• Educate children not to go anywhere with a stranger
• Monitor internet use
• Tell children not to open the door to strangers
• Tell children to never tell a stranger that they are home alone.
• Install surveillance cameras to observe any suspicious activity
• Install a home security system to monitor access control
• Be observant and use neighborhood watch effectively

Children and teens are a priceless and irreplaceable commodity and their safety can never be left to chance. Single mothers and single women should also take note of sex offenders living within their community. Use of the phone alert system along with the above listed security measures will go along way in making sure you remain safe. If you find this information of use pass it on to others you think will benefit from it.

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