Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Operation hello neighbor is not enough!

Cary police began a campaign on yesterday called operation hello neighbor where a police officer goes to neighborhoods and inform residents about the risks they take in leaving their garage doors open and items of value left in plain view in their cars. This is being done because Cary has had 35 garage thefts that they are reporting. This campaign looks good on the outside but it is not enough. Many of the residents of Cary falsely believe that they are immune to crime. Crime happens in places like Durham. Cary is special. It can’t happen to us! A false sense of security is the worst thing that can happen to a community. Criminals aren’t cartoon characters wearing black cat suits and stocking caps slinking around in the dark. Criminal, especially burglars, look like they belong in the communities they hit. They are not going to be the stereotypical thug that Cary residents envision. These criminals will look at stories like operation hello neighbor and know that leopards don’t change their stripes overnight. This is what will make the town of Cary, NC a target for criminal activity. Until the people of Cary have a wake-up call there will be no reason for them to change. A wise man once said that is better to learn from the mistakes of others than to have to experience the mistakes for yourself. Cary residents take the advice of the officers that come to your door.

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