Saturday, December 13, 2008

Top Reasons to Update Your Alarm System

Your home or business security system is not a bottle of wine, it doesn’t get better with time-just more vulnerable. Alarm systems are designed to protect against the present threats that existed at the time of their creation. The first lock makers designed locks that were big and cumbersome but the design was to keep criminals from easily opening something that needed to be secure. In a short period of time criminals and escape artists like Harry Houdini learned to circumvent these devices with precision and speed. Lock technology has improved to include dead bolts and burglars now teach the simple art of bump key making on youtube. Home security systems used to be operated by a simple on/off toggle switch. The criminals evolved and learned to get around these systems as well. Alarm manufacturers developed keypads so it would harder for criminals. Burglars are resilient, so back to studying and research they went. After careful study they began targeting the communication apparatus of the security systems. A quick snip with bolt cutters on the phone line and the system could no longer call the police.
Necessity is the mother of invention, so the new integrated GSM cell module was invented allowing the security devices to protect the communication method with the central station. Most systems over 3 years old do not have this feature making them vulnerable to burglar tampering and diffusion. Systems that had a feature similar to this are operating on analogue mode which will be obsolete in February of 2009. Another major reason to upgrade your security system is the lack of monthly reporting on these systems. System reporting is the ability for the security panel to send a complete system diagnostic to the monitoring call center to assure that the alarm system is working properly. Without this feature clients may continuously bypass a certain zone that indicated trouble in the LCD readout box of the keypad the alarm monitoring facility would have no record and would not be able to schedule a required service.
Another reason to consider a system upgrade is if you have changed phone service providers. Many of the new VOIP (Voice over IP) phone systems are not compatible with older security system interfaces. Advanced technology like the Honeywell Total Connect system will allow a homeowner or business professional the flexibility of operating their alarm system over a high speed internet connection supported by GSM cellular backup. With crime on the rise and criminals getting advanced degrees in their level of sophistication it is imperative that security system users have easy access to new technology and ways to implement it. However, this is not the case.
Many security clients have no contact with their alarm company unless there is a problem with the monthly bill. New technology is not made readily available to existing clients that could benefit the customer’s life safety. So long as the monthly bill gets paid the alarm company is not concerned. When clients face rate increases along with poor service it should be inevitable that they look for a better solution. The solutions are out there and many of the answers a concerned person my have can be found at . Criminals don’t wait to act, so neither should you. Staying one or two steps ahead of the bad guys is a matter of education and application. Don’t allow a false sense of security to lure you into a burglars trap.

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