Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our hearts go out to the mother of 2 year-old that died from fall in pond

It is always heart wrenching to deal with the untimely and unexpected death of child. Ramel McArthur seemed, from news accounts, to be a fun-loving, energetic child that was curious about what life had to offer. Sadly, his fight to sustain life ended on New Years Day, after battling from Christmas Eve fall into a pond in the backyard of his grandfather’s home. Children, even when supervised, can move so swiftly that their lives can be in jeopardy in seconds. They say time heals all wounds, but it is unlikely that the family will ever stop wondering what if? Blame should not be placed on anyone in this situation. All things that occur in life happen for a reason. Ramel’s life, although short, has a strong purpose. While he was here he fought to make it against the odds: being born premature. He outlived his initial prognosis by years, and lived everyday with jubilant enthusiasm.
As a Life safety specialist, I take from his life a renewed commitment to be an advocate for children. It is my intention to not overlook safety features such as splash guards for pools and door chimes on alarm systems to assist parents in knowing if their child is attempting to open a door or if someone has fallen into the pool. Often, we forget the frailty of life. Let all parents remember how precious their children are. Tell the story of Ramel to your children or grandchildren and let them become ambassadors of safety. Teach your kids to be joyous fighters for life and to always remember that every life has a purpose to improve the lives of others.

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