Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unmonitored Alarm Systems don’t fool burglars

It is sad that some people believe the unguided notion that an unmonitored alarm system will be enough to scare a burglar. The fact is the only one fooled is the person employing this strategy because they want to nickel and dime their own family. Alarm monitoring rates are incredibly affordable at about a dollar a day. This is money that most people blow on self defeating items every day, a cup of coffee, a pack of crackers or a soda. Money wasted on junk food could easily be invested for the protection of a person’s family. There is no excuse for risking the lives of those you love for selfish indulgence. The true reality is that crime is on the rise. Every twelve seconds someone’s life is shattered because the things they have worked so hard for have been taken by a crook with compromised character. Many times burglars encounter people at home and that leads to forty percent of all rapes and twenty five percent of all murders. To look into the eyes of someone you’ve committed your life to, or the innocent eyes of a child and make the conscious decision that they should be short changed because they are not worth a dollar a day is stupid!
There is no such thing as a completely safe neighborhood. No one is immune to the criminal element. Burglars can easily tell when an alarm system is unmonitored. Home owners with unmonitored alarm systems betray themselves because their body language as they enter the home conveys with an I don’t care attitude. They don’t arm the system. The keypad is often visible from the front door. Any dummy can see that the red light is not armed. Many times the alarm company sign is a company that is out of business, and the burglars know it. The only people out of touch are the delusional homeowners that employ the cheap skate route.
If you’ve ever experienced a burglary you will understand how violated you feel when it happens. You wonder why it happened to you. The gamut of emotions ranges from fear to anger. Picking up he pieces is hard. The best option for prevention is awareness. It means taking advantage of the available resources to make sure you have done all you can to protect yourself and your family. Many companies run special promotions where you can receive a basic system for free. Companies like Vector Security, ADT and Brinks. One of the best deals in the alarm industry for North Carolina residents can be found at www.whensafetymatters.com.


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