Wednesday, February 4, 2009

10:00am - 4pm prime breakin time: Could your teenager be at risk?

The majority of home burglaries occur between 10:00am and three pm. Criminals realize that most people work first shift and kids are at school. This leaves more homes completely unoccupied. Society has transitioned from neighborhoods where everyone knew their neighbor well to neighborhoods where people primarily keep to themselves. People are creatures of habit and are often lured into a false sense of security because they are unaware of crime that has happened in the community because they do not talk with their neighbors. This fosters a false sense of security. Homeowners fail to lock doors on cars, and their home. Windows are often left open. Middle school and High school kids that spend time alone at their homes are famous for security lapses. The idea of invincibility is stronger in teenagers and young adults than in another group. The attitude that bad things can't happen to them is what makes them a target for criminals. Loud music and the distraction of being on the phone makes it easy for a criminal to slip into an occupied home whose doors have been left unlocked. Sadly, many rapes and murders occur when a criminal is detected inside a property that they are burglarizing. A simple solution for parents and home owners in general is to install a Honeywell Life safety system with remote phone access capability. This feature allows a homeowner to arm and disarm their alarm system from a remote location, using any land line or cell phone. Another option is the Honeywell Total Connect System, that allows remote access control via a high speed internet connection or by text message.

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