Saturday, February 14, 2009

Burglar's Get Away Vehicle jacked By Victim!

Patrick Rosario, a 32 year old Washington State man, made sure burglars did not make off with his three flat screen televisions. Rosario, recently laid off from his job as a Washington Mutual manager, heard the burglars upstairs and slipped outside to call 911. he then saw a white van parked by the curb idling. Rosario, realizing that this was the get away vehicle, slipped inside and drove off. Rosario drove the van to a friends home. The burglars left the television, a laptop computer and jewelry at the front door and fled on foot, according to police.

These criminals got what they deserved. To steal from a person laid off from work is absolutely low down. With conditions with the economy being as they are more burglaries will occur and many homeowners will not be as fortunate. Sadly, the police have not made any arrests. This means that these thugs would likely strike again if they had wheels. It is my sincere hope that they are caught and thrown under the jail.

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