Sunday, February 15, 2009

Criminals Breakthrough Walls to Score Loot

Criminals in Maricopa County Arizona have stepped their game up. They have resorted to breaking through exterior wall of homes to bypass the alarm system door and window contacts. The assertion that criminals are not intellectually astute is completely false. Many burglars possess a high degree of intelligence. The problem is that they apply their cognitive skills to illegal activity. The fact that these burglars know the basic design of how many security systems are laid out, makes them incredibly dangerous.
Many big name alarm companies offer a simple basic package that may include 2 or 3 contacts and a motion detector which is placed in a trap zone of the home. These basic systems are only a launching point for a complete set-up, however; this is the security that many people have. Criminals, such as the ones in Maricopa County Arizona, target specific areas and know that they can gain access without being seen because they use the weaknesses of the security set-up to the detriment of the homeowner.
The criminals are selective in which homes they target. With the housing market having more homes empty because they are for sale, means that conventional neighborhood watch programs will not work because there are no neighbors to see what is transpiring. An occupied home next to an empty one that backs up to a wooded area is especially vulnerable. The empty home and the wooded area to the rear provide the necessary cover for the criminals to work undetected. Homeowners do have options to protect themselves. These options include exterior and interior cameras set-up to record activity. If a home already has an alarm system it needs to be reviewed to make sure that it is adequate to detect an intrusion, such as someone coming through a wall. If you are a North Carolina resident with a current set-up you may qualify for a free system upgrade. For more details go to and enter your request on the contact us page. If you are located in another state leave your information and information regarding companies that offer this service will be sent to you. The worst thing a homeowner can do is nothing. If the home does not have a security system one needs to be installed. Residents of North Carolina can go to the aforementioned site and receive $1,100 in free equipment, if qualified. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I have included a video showing the handiwork of the Maricopa County thieves. If you have found this information useful please leave a comment.

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Pamela said...

Thanks for alerting people to this type of break-in. We routinely send police to arrest suspects attempting to break into a client's facility through the wall or a roof.