Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Keys Crack Caper

Thomas Ferkler, 43, allegedly was smart enough to circumvent a burglar and surveillance system and steal $400,000 of drugs from a Philadelphia, PA pharmacy but careless enough to leave his keys dangling from the trunk of his car. The car was parked outside the pharmacy and a neighbor called law enforcement when he noticed the keys hanging from the trunk. The police found a gym bag with Ferkler’s name and address along with other stolen drugs inside. Ferkler is currently being held on $100,000 bond for the February 1, 2009 pharmacy burglary.
Too often it seems to take dumb luck to catch criminals who are ingenious enough to plan and orchestrate an elaborate heist such as this. Sooner or later luck will run out, and this true because it applies to the criminal as well as the victim. The pharmacy should be commended for having security. However, having security is much like having brakes on a car. If they have been on the car for a substantial period of time are they still adequate? All surveillance systems must be upgraded from time to time. Yes it cost money, but isn’t money well spent? Large claims assessed on to insurance companies result in escalating rates for all policy holders. This is true whether it is a business or a home. Pushing our luck is applying the attitude that I never thought it would be me. Look in the mirror, Ferkler never thought he’d get caught and the pharmacy never thought they’d be hit. They both were wrong, and we all have to pay.

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