Saturday, February 21, 2009

Photoelectric smoke sensors a modern day necessity

Fire safety is something that is often overlooked and forgotten, but a single incident has the ability to take your life or the life of someone you love. Photoelectric smoke sensors have the ability to detect the presence of cold smoke as it enters the photoelectric chamber, located inside the sensor. The smoke entering the photoelectric chamber impairs the light entering the chamber and when it reaches a certain density the fire alarm is triggered. The advantage of a photoelectric smoke sensor is its ability to detect the cold smoke, without a dramatic rise in heat temperature. Photoelectric smoke sensors can detect a smoldering element prior to combustion. This ability may minimize the amount of damage done to the structure and provide additional time to escape due to quicker detection. Photoelectric smoke sensors should be used in conjunction with heat sensors that will detect a quick elevation of heat caused due to combustion. When photoelectric smoke sensors are incorporated into a monitored security system, the advantages are immense.
Monitored smoke sensors are tied into a central facility that can dispatch fire and rescue twenty-four hours a day, everyday of the year. When you consider the fact that a fire doubles in size every twenty seconds, the quicker the fire department is alerted and dispatched is critical to getting anyone trapped inside rescued and the fire extinguished. Honeywell, a leading security manufacturer, produces photoelectric smoke sensors that are combined with a built in heat sensors, and when these sensors are tied into an alarm system that has two-way voice it becomes extremely more efficient. Two-way voice monitoring allows the alarm monitoring company to hear what is transpiring during an alarm event in real time. Should a person or pet be trapped inside the home during a fire the two-way voice module allows the monitoring call center to not only hear what is happening but to also directly communicate with the trapped individuals. They also relay information to the fire fighters dispatched to the scene.
The most important thing all homeowners and renters should do pertaining to fire safety is to check the existing smoke detectors and make sure they are working properly. It is also critical to perform a family fire drill. For information on obtaining monitored photoelectric smoke sensors or alarm systems in North Carolina call 919-949-9690 or go to