Thursday, February 26, 2009

Principal Saves Teacher's Home From Fire

NJ Principal, Jill MacIntosh, probably never imagined fire fighting as a career path. As she drove to work on Tuesday, she observed flames from a trash can, in close contact to a home. She stopped to alert the homeowner of the danger. The home just happened to a third grade teacher at her school that was out on maternity leave. Washington Street Elementary school where Miss MacIntosh is Principal has a hero. The fire was caused when the husband of Wendy Yorke, the victim of the fire, put ashes from a wood burning stove in the trash can. The only damage to the home was to the garage. The Yorke family is very fortunate that this incident was not much worse.
When discarding ashes from a hot wood burning stove, it is essential to douse with ample amounts of water. It is also important to clean out the chimney as well.

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