Thursday, March 12, 2009

ADT, Always Marketing-Not Always There

A great marketing campaign can be a perfect cover to overshadow risky alarm practices. Most people would be appalled if they knew that their alarm system was installed with a dialer delay, which means that there is a time lag between when the alarm is triggered and when the system dials out to the monitoring center. The fact is most people don’t know that this is standard practice on ADT installed alarm systems. What most people see are commercials touting the “always there” theme. Perception creates some people’s reality. If it’s on TV it must be true. The logic behind this belief is absolutely false. With a dialer delay if a person is forced inside and made to shut off the alarm system, even if the alarm has been triggered, during the initial fifteen seconds of alarming no call will be made to the monitoring call center. You will not receive a return call from the monitoring facility because they did not receive the call. This is shameful. ADT will tell its customers to enter a special ambush hostage code. The dial down the middle is known by everyone including the crooks. So this is no help. Don’t be deceived by slick marketing ploys; due diligence is essential to get the best deal.
A quick and helpful hint, Vector Security does not use dialer delays. To have an overview of your alarm if you are a North Carolina resident call 919-949-9690 or go to

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