Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Beware of the Guise of the White Panel Van

Homeowners should be on the lookout for white panel work vans pulled into a driveway of a neighbor’s home. Homeowners throughout the triangle have become victims of this ploy used by burglars as a cover to gain access to homes. White panel vans are a trademark of contractors including painters, handymen, and landscapers. Burglars have targeted homes with long driveways that sit back from the road as well as homes in cul-de-sacs. These homes provide additional seclusion that is used by burglars to avoid detection.
One victim of these burglars was a woman in Orange County that watched as someone drove into her driveway, exited the vehicle then rang the door bell. The perpetrator then kicked the door attempting to force entry. Fortunately for her alarm system was on and she grabbed the rear door, which was set for instantaneous alert, and opened it, causing the siren to be triggered and the monitoring center called. Other victims in Cary, NC were not as lucky. The crimes usually occur in areas where there is a perception that crime never happens. This gives these criminals an upper hand, because no one is on alert. In one incident a teenager was home alone when the crook attempted to break in. She was able to run to a neighbor’s home and call the police. The criminal got away.
If you see a white panel van in someone’s driveway call the police and have them check it out. Get involved by having a heightened awareness. Install a security system; they are too affordable to not have the security you deserve for yourself and your family. To get more information about home security systems call 919-949-9690 or go to http://whensafetymatters.com.

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