Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hiding a key under a rock is like living under a rock!

Most people have experienced the unfortunate and unsettling experience of being locked out of your home. In order to prevent this, many people have resorted to leaving the hidden key. The key so secret that know one knows it but you. The truth is everyone knows it. People have more similarities than differences and this leads to what I refer to as redundancy. What is done by others is also repeated in the actions of others. Growing up in a small town, most people did not lock their doors and everyone knew where the spare key was to everyone else’s home. This was largely due to a strong sense of community where everyone knew everyone else in town. As I have traveled I have seen more people move from the small towns into more densely populated areas, where there is not a strong sense of community. People may live next door to each other for years and not know the name of the person living next to them. The problem is they still practice the things they learned in small town America. They don’t lock their car doors, leaving items of value in plain sight and expect them to remain there untouched. Often they leave their door to the home unlocked and have the nerve to utter this fact in public around complete strangers. When they do lock the door, they want to make sure they can get back in if they are locked out. So they hide a key. “Wink wink!”
The top places people hide a spare key are:
• Under a rock
• Under a doormat
• Above the door
• Beneath a potted plant
• Taped to the bottom of a mailbox
• Behind an outdoor thermometer
• Inside a lock box with a numeric code
Most hidden keys are in the front of the home where there retrieval can be easily observed by any unsavory character. Most likely, if you are key hider you see yourself somewhere in the above list. There are numerous dangers in hiding a key.
• Burglary, unforced because they had a key.
• Assault: You could walk in on an intruder and be physically accosted.
• Rape: Sadly this happens during some burglaries gone bad. You can never undue the emotional stress caused by such a heinous act.
• Murder: twenty percent of all murders occur when a homeowner encounters an intruder in the home.
Solution: leave the number of a reputable locksmith hidden in one of the areas listed above, and call them if you are locked out. Another viable solution is to give a key to a trusted friend or relative that lives close by. Call them when in need, that’s what friends are for.

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