Saturday, March 28, 2009

When Mama Fell Vector Security Was There

Mama still felt good at 77 years of age. She lived alone, was active in the church, and enjoyed her family and grand children. She drove where she wanted but limited her night time driving due to diminished eye sight. For a woman her age her health was good, only taking high blood and cholesterol medication. She had never felt unsafe in her neighborhood, but she had heard about a few incidents of car break-ins. She dismissed it as kids with no respect for the things of others. In her words, “They needed an old fashioned butt whipping.” Her children had brought up the need for a home security system several years back, but she had not acted on it. Until the day she heard about the lady who lived on street over, that while sitting at home watching Oprah heard a noise at her back door. As she came from the bedroom she saw the door wide open and a man standing in the doorway. She screamed and fortunately for her, the intruder fled.
Mama made her decision to investigate security systems. After researching several companies like ADT, and Brinks she chose Vector Security. She was impressed with monitoring call center’s credentials. Vector Security having a Five Diamond Central Station Rating, UL certification, and a less than 1% false alarm rate nationwide, gave her the assurance that she was selecting a top notch company. She was most impressed with her representative who took the time to explain the benefits of the system and customize it to fit her unique needs.
When the representative demonstrated the two-way voice feature that allowed the monitoring call center to hear all over her home during an alarm emergency she was sold. The representative provided her with a medical key fob that allowed her get help during a medical crisis. She never new how important this feature would be.
Several weeks after the security system was installed, Mama felt a bit under the weather. As she rose from her chair and headed to the bathroom she became light headed, lost her balance and fell to the floor injuring her hip in the process. Dazed and in pain she was unable to rise to her feet, but thank God for the medical pendant. She pressed the button and a friendly voice came over the intercom, providing assurance and letting Mama know that help was on the way.
Mama had a full recovery largely because of the installed Vector Security System and the great professionals in the monitoring center. Mr. Jim McNeely deserves special praise for the gift of providing the medical pendant at no charge because he saw the need. I would encourage every person with a mother or father that is aging to install a Vector Security Security with these features.

Maxine, Mama’s daughter

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