Saturday, April 18, 2009

ADT, CPI, and Brinks Not 5 Diamond Certified

ADT security services, CPI and Brinks Home Security are not members of the Central Station Alarm Association and their alarm monitoring facilities have not received 5 diamond certification. This certification is the highest rating an alarm monitoring facility can receive from an outside rating association of industry peers. The distinction of a five diamond rating is an assurance to the general public that the alarm monitoring facility has met five distinct criteria signifying excellence. The five standards that must be met are:
1) Commitment to random inspections and quality criteria standards by a nationally recognized third-party laboratory such as: UL or FM.
2) Commitment to the highest levels of customer service.
3) Commitment to ongoing job-related education and testing by having 100% of its central station operators certified using the CSAA online training series.
4) Commitment to raising the industry standards through CSAA membership and participation in its activities.
5) Commitment to reducing false dispatches.
In the alarm industry there must be a higher level of transparency and openness with the general public that they serve. An outside third party lab can provide this assurance. In any other industry we demand certification and degrees supporting ones claim of competence. The alarm industry with the exception of general state licensing, which varies state to state, does not have a national uniform compliance code. Such a code could help assure higher levels of customer service, reduce false alarms, and raise industry standards. The fact that ADT, CPI and Brinks are not members of CSAA and are not five diamond certified is not to imply that they are not good companies. However, with their large client bases they should be leading from the front and not trailing from the rear.
When selecting a company to provide alarm monitoring, look to companies that have met this criteria because they have reached a higher standard that will provide customers with a far better customer service experience due to increased education. A few companies that have met the Five Diamond Certification are Sentry Watch, Counter Force, Alarm Detection Systems, Monitronics, and Vector Security. Only 100 companies in the alarm industry have met these standards. A simple conclusion, bigger because of marketing does not make a company better.


Redbeard said...
You can clearly see both CPI and ADT are on this list. Honestly, I would rather have a security company with a local monitoring station that knows my community than one that is approved by an organization paid for by the membership fees of those monitoring stations.

Jim McNeely said...

CPI and ADT are regular members but have not met the five diamond certification standard of having all of their operators meeting the level 1 testing criteria. So although hey are clearly a member they clearly have not met the certification standard, which is the point of the post.