Thursday, April 30, 2009

Domino’s Pizza Dough stolen in Smash and Grab Burglary

According to police reports the Domino’s pizza restaurant located on the 3000 block of Holloway Street in Durham, NC was the victim of a smash and grab burglary on the night of April 27,2009. Burglars smashed the glass door, stole the safe valued at $1000 and mad off with $350 in cash. The burglary was discovered on April 28, 2009 at around 8:30 am.
Three men were arrested several miles away for allegedly burglarizing a home at 608 Hardee St. Durham, NC. The three men were 17, 18 and 22 years of age. All three men were arrested and charged with felony burglary and had bond set at $6000 per person. It is likely that the Durham police department is looking into the possibility that these three men could be the domino dough burglars.
In both cases the criminals made entry by breaking glass. This shows a basic knowledge of how many security systems are set up. With contacts located only on the door, the thieves break out the glass so as not to disturb the door contact. Many motion detecting devices are set wit a pet alley motion detecting lenses that does not pick up motion below a certain height. It is important for business and homeowners to update their security to include glass break sensor technology and use motion detectors that detect mass and density from the floor up. Another valuable tool in convicting criminals are surveillance cameras. Well positioned cameras that are commercial grade with night viewing capability enable the police to make a positive identification of suspects. The initial investment that a business owner makes in a camera system pays for itself tens of times over during the systems service life.

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