Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beware of dog sign a sure indicator you’re not secure

Every security expert has heard it before, as a deluded soul comes to the door; “Can’t you read this sign of mine?” Beware of dog is what the sign reads. “I have no need for a security system,” is what they say. They hope you’ll leave and be on your way. That simple sign doesn’t fool even the simplest crook, because it’s the oldest trick in the book. Often it has been said that a dog is a man’s best friend, but how would we feel if our friends used us as a human shield. Most people subconsciously know that their pet can only make noise, and that alone is not enough. When we think of our pets it is with a deep sense of love because they quickly become a part of the family. The family pet often lasts longer than many marriages. A dog or cat always seems to love its family without condition. They are willing listeners, happy to see you no matter the day or your mood, but in most cases they’re not trained to defend and apprehend suspects like RIN TIN TIN. We would not trust someone convicted of animal cruelty to watch our pet for a weekend, so how can we expect a burglar with no sense of respect for our possessions or property to respect our beloved pet.
Burglars are not people of high moral character. They are most certainly scum, but are in no ways dumb. They seize the opportunity to prey on weaknesses they are able to perceive. The “beware of dog sign” is an advertisement that access to your personal items is as easy a getting your dog to fetch a simple dog treat. Only dogs that have been trained for police duty will only eat from one person. Most burglars will pick the lock or break the door and the animal will run outside as they slip in. People with children are the least likely to have an aggressive breed dog because the temperament could result in the animal hurting their child.
Clearly, security for your home should include protection for your pet as well. With the installation of a security system your pet can be protected in the event of a fire as well as having the police notified if a burglar should attempt to unlawfully enter your home. When looking to protect your pet, have your veterinarian install a micro chip on your pet in case they become lost or stolen. Due to the value of many dog breeds it is not uncommon to see burglars steal an animal for profit. Sadly, I had it happen to me. I had my beloved beagle stolen from an outside area while I was away. A friend; with a rare breed dog, had a local criminal climb through his kitchen window and steal his prized and loved pet. Needless to say, he was incensed. Fortunately, because he suspected that it was someone local, he offered a large reward to the children in the area and the dog was returned. Having stolen pet is one of the worst feelings you can imagine. So let’s change our perspective and hang a sign that says burglars beware because it should be understood that security comes first in his neighborhood

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