Monday, May 4, 2009

Burglary for jewels equals cash for gold

Criminals are aware that fencing stolen items at pawn shops is not a viable option. Local pawn shops are frequented by local law enforcement officers looking for stolen items. The pawn shops require personal identification and most pawn shops are equipped with CCTV systems that record all people making transactions in the store. In order for criminals to get cash for stolen jewelry many criminals have resorted to cash for gold sites that do not require personal identification. Most people have seen these commercials run late at night or during the early morning hours. They pitch the ease of sending broken and unwanted gold jewelry to them or much needed cash to pay bills, go shopping, or take a vacation. These companies pay a small fraction of the actual value of these items. This obviously doesn’t matter to criminals that will sell stolen items for pennies on the dollar because of the low risk of capture.
When it comes to protecting your jewelry install a security system and a safe. Make sure he safe is bolted to the floor studs, so it can not be quickly pulled up and carried out. Criminals are incredibly perceptive when it comes to human activity. This is not because of astute observation skills but because most people are habitual in nature. The primary place most people keep jewelry is in their bedrooms. This is where most security systems fail because there are no security devices in that area. The best thing people can do is move their jewelry to other areas or install security items in the bedroom areas of the home.
If you are looking to sell your jewelry for cash get a jewelry appraisal from a reputable gemologist so that you will know the true value. This way you can sell your items from a position of strength. Utilize companies that have a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau and if possible use local companies.

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