Monday, May 25, 2009

Should your pet go without back up to protect your property from burglars?

A police officer arrives at the scene of the crime and one of the first things he does is phone headquarters and get back up. No police officer, no matter how seasoned, enters a suspected crime scene without his radio and firearm. Even in areas with small populations and little crime, officers always take precautions because they realize that what didn’t happen yesterday could happen today. When it comes to our pets they are often left as the last line of defense against crooks that are void of sensitivity, possibly high on drugs and totally self absorbed. Our domesticated pets are far more than just expendable balls of fur; they are companions with unsurpassed loyalty. They are leaning posts when we are distressed. They are our energetic greeters when we arrive home from a hard day. They are appreciative for the little things we do for them. Our pets don’t care what we look like when we wake up in the morning. Our pets work hard for our approval. It is stated in the Bible that greater love has no man than this that he lay his life down for a friend. Without hesitation our dogs would lay their own lives down to protect our property, but they should not have to. Unlike a chair, electronics and jewels that can be replaced the special bond we make with our dogs can not be. For this very reason many people consider a home security system with two-way voice monitoring and fire protection. These simple but affordable devices protect our precious pets as they so selflessly express their love for us.
No life, no matter how small, should be taken for granted. Every dog, accounted as a friend, is worth the small investment of about a dollar a day to keep crime away. For more information on how to customize a security system to accommodate pets call 919-949-9690.

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