Thursday, May 21, 2009

Top reasons guns aren’t enough to protect your property

• If you have children a gun can’t be left loaded and unsecured, which means that it is not ready at a moments notice.
• A gun left home could be stolen by burglars and used to commit more crimes.
• If walk into your home and the burglar has your gun it could be used to injure you.
• In a panic because of a bump in the night you may end up shooting the wrong person.
• When you shoot someone you can erase the memory of your action even though it was done to protect your family and yourself.
• A gun can’t alert the police of an unlawful entry.
• Advertising your ownership of a gun is not the same as advertising you have a security system. Guns are an item of value to burglars, security systems are just an obstacle they must overcome.
• If you are on the inside of the home and the perpetrator is on the outside of the home he or she can’t be shot according to law because they don’t pose a direct threat to you. A surveillance camera can take photos and be used to prosecute the criminal.
• A gun isn’t capable of providing information about the suspect’s location like some security systems.
• The noise from an alarm siren can scare off a burglar without damaging anything.

The purpose of this article is not to debate whether or not a person should or should not own a firearm. The owning of a firearm is a constitutional right afforded by the second amendment for all law abiding citizens that are not felons. It is my opinion that owning a firearm for protection does have value, however; the value provided by gun ownership is greatly enhanced with a security system and surveillance cameras. Another valuable feature a security system provides is that it is not necessary to convince a 911 operator of the authenticity of your call. Listen to this 911 audio call and two things are evident; operators should never assume and a security alarm would have probably prevented the distress placed on the victims and the shooting of the suspect. Judge for yourself.

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