Sunday, May 10, 2009

What the bleep? 911 called and nobody came!

Sadly, it is a reality that 911 operators are called every year and in some cases the EMT’s never arrive. Every second is critical when a person has a stroke or a heart attack. There is no room for error but without fail this scenario will play out again. No matter whom the blame is placed on it will never bring back the beautiful human life that was lost. However, there are certain things that could be done to minimize the risk of this happening to you or someone you love. It is important to make sure that your house number is visible from the street. Paint the number in reflective paint at the end of the driveway. Or another simple solution for those with security systems is to add an exterior strobe light that will activate when the alarm is triggered for medical emergency, fire or burglary. If you have a GPS unit, make sure you write down the coordinates of your location and give them to your alarm company o the monitoring company will have them. These coordinates can also be given to a 911 dispatch operator if you do not have a security system. One biggest reason unfortunate things occur is due to procrastination and indifference. If you see something that applies to you and you put if off you most likely will never get to it. Often people falsely believe that these things happen to other people but not to them. No one is so special that something such this could not happen to them if they don’t take some action. You are important so it is necessary to do what is necessary to make sure that you will be around to bless the ones you love the most. Listen to the you tube audio of a tragic 911 call and pass this information on.

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