Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why Burglars Find Your Hidden Goods

Most people hide money in places that they would least likely look, and that is the problem. In order to defeat a burglar you must know who he is and what he thinks. Often burglars are a part of organized crime, a member of a gang or a drug addict. This gives them a distinct advantage in hiding things or knowing where items are hidden. Drug addicted burglars know how to hide their drugs and if they live with a family member they are skilled at finding were family members hide their valuables from them.
One of the most common places drug addicts hide their drugs is in the bathroom. The toilet tank is a common place where drug addicts hide drugs. When a drug addicted burglar breaks into a home the toilet is one of the first places he will look. Most home owners are shocked that burglars find their hidden stash of cash and believe that it had to be stolen by someone who knew them. Often this is completely untrue.
Another common place that people hide money is the medicine cabinet. Remember a drug addicted burglar will naturally gravitate to the medicine cabinet. The bed is also another area that burglars will look. It is common for people to hide both money and weapons between the mattress and the box spring. Burglars will also check pillows and anything stashed underneath the bed.
It is common for people to hide money at the back of a closet. The homeowner’s logic is that it is a hassle to dig out all the boxes to get to it, so it is unlikely that it will be found. Once again the logic is flawed because the criminal does not have to put back what they tear out. Tearing something apart is always quicker than putting it back together. It is not uncommon for people to stash money in a soup can. A burglar knows that a soup can found in a bedroom will most likely contain money.
One of the cleverest places homeowners give themselves credit for hiding money is in the refrigerator. However, this is one of the first places a drug addicted burglar or organized criminal will look. These criminals know that most drugs will keep longer if they are refrigerated. Homeowners don’t realize this and hide their money in the first place a thief is likely to look.
Another place people hide money is in a flour or sugar tin. Hiding money inside a cereal box is also an easy find for burglars because it is where they hide drugs. When past burglars have been interviewed they will tell people that the best place to hide money is in the bank. Hiding money at home is risky especially if you don not have a security system, safe and surveillance system. Criminals don’t play fair and they don’t respect you or your property. People perish because they underestimate their opponents. Burglars are our opponents and we need to be vigilant educated and ready to protect our homes and families against the wiles of these neighborhood terrorists.

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