Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Humorous Arrests

A 40 year-old man with tattoos of Christ on left arm and Jesus on the right arm was arrested for assaulting a female. The suspect may have been more influenced by the name of his street than the love of the Lord. He lived on Whippoorwill Street. He allegedly whipped the poor willies and hide of the victim. The police made the arrest on the corner of North Hyde and Holloway Street. The police had no choice but to haul is butt downtown for tanning the victims hide. This is one time that Christ didn't hang on the cross, but landed a right cross and a left upper cut.

On June 13, 2009 a 47 year-old man lived up to his name sake, “Robin”, and was arrested for Breaking and Entering.

On the same day a 43 year-old man with the last name “Hooks” was arrested for shoplifting. “He stopped at the retail establishment to pick up a few items.” The cops hooked and booked him.

A play on words can be funny, but crime is no laughing matter.

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