Friday, July 24, 2009

Attics, lightning rods of potential fire disaster!

One of the largest threats to your family could be above your head, your attic. Most homes do not have any type of smoke or heat detecting devices in the attic. Attics are the highest point in the home, and lightning usually strikes the highest point. More and more homes have a furnace, water heater, or air handler in the attic. These items run off of electrical current or gas, which makes the situation extremely serious. In addition to these items, people often store unused items such as seasonal clothes, keepsakes, paint cans and other flammable items in the attic. If lightning were to strike and there is no monitored smoke or heat detection system the potential for disaster is greater than a fire in the general living space of the home. This is because smoke rises and will likely not be seen, smelled and detected by the smoke detectors. A fire in the attic has the potential to smolder for a long time before igniting. The fire is electrical and rain from the storm will act as fuel to spread the flames, because water conducts electricity. This is a fact overlooked by many people, when it comes to fire safety in the home.
Another scary thing to consider for protecting your attic is that if the fire ignites above your head at night the items in the attic could fall through the ceiling causing injury or death. The best solution to protect an attic is to install a monitored heat and smoke sensor that is connected to a central alarm station that will dispatch the fire department to the home. A monitored unit such as this will let the monitoring facility know the location of the fire in the home and will eliminate the need to call 911. This saves precious minutes of answering questions, before the fire department is dispatched. Seconds saved save property and lives. A fire doubles in size every 20 seconds and more deaths are attributed to fire than any other natural disaster. Monitored fire units are cost effective as a part of a monitored security system, and will often provide an additional discount on home insurance policies. When a monitored fire detection system is combined with 2-way voice it becomes even more effective. Two-way voice communication allows the alarm monitoring to broadcast to anyone in the home and hear in real time what is occurring. Studies have shown that people respond quicker to hearing their name called than to the sound of a smoke detector or audible siren. The quicker a person escapes a burning home the better. Don’t delay, protect your attic today. For additional information on attic safety and fire safety devices go to

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