Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lock Bumping Threat Make Security Systems A Necessity

Lock Bumping isn't just a threat, but a reality that leaves every home protected with just an ordinary lock vulnerable to unforced access and the theft of their hard earned possessions. The mechanics of most locks have been around for centuries. These locks work on a pin and tumbler system. When a criminal uses a key that has been altered so that the valleys have been filed to the shear line, it creates a bump key. The key must match the manufacturer original key blank. These key blanks can not be obtained unless you are a registered locksmith, so criminals will file a key down that matches that particular lock brand. The reason bumping works is due to the mechanics of the lock mechanism. When a key is inserted in a lock, the pins that match the valleys of the key are aligned allowing the lock mechanism to turn. When a bump key is used it is inserted one notch from full insertion and then struck, which forces all the pins to jump slightly and with slight pressure on the key allows the lock to open. Trusting a regular lock is not enough. Some simple solutions are magnetic locks, or locks that work on a disk system. However, the best solution is a monitored security system because it can dispatch the local authorities, even if the door is kicked in.


robert said...

I was shocked to hear the comment on the Today Show recently that the locks on 95% of all homes in the U.S. can be picked. Your post on "lock bumping" helps explain it further. It is the reason that no home should be without some kind of security system; they can be had reasonably these days, even a wireless, full-house system can be bought for just over $100. Don't risk disaster. Purchase some combination of a door and/or window alarm system -- or maybe one of many different sensory systems available reasonably. You have been warned.

robert said...

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James said...

I just found a way to feel safe away from home, using a personal security system called JTrek. It uses everyday Smartphones with a downloadable application to help people feel safer. When you are in an area where you sense danger, start the application, then pictures/videos and your location get sent to a secure webserver, if the danger is real, hit a Panic button and notify friends, family, campus security and/or police. I found it at

sunsecurity said...
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