Thursday, July 30, 2009

Loose Tweets and Facebook Updates Are An Invitation to Burglarized

You’ve waited nearly eight or nine months to take a special vacation or cruise. Your enthusiasm can barely be contained and you want share your experiences with all your Twitter followers and Facebook buddies, so you fire off a few lines that you will be leaving in twenty-four hours, details to follow. What have you done? You may have let the world, including the criminal element know that your home will be unoccupied, making it more susceptible to be burglarized. You may wonder how this could be. You never gave your address or phone number in a tweet or Facebook update. You did fill in a profile that told people what city you live in, where a somewhat savvy criminal could research the public record and find out your address. Many criminals employ the tactic of looking in the phonebook to see if a person has a listed number. They call the number and if no one answers they assume that the person is not home. They may go to the door and ring the doorbell, if someone comes to the door they concoct a story about looking for someone in the neighborhood or may ask for directions. This is done to deflect suspicion. When a person tweets about their whereabouts they place themselves at risk. If you tweet about a vacation do so after you return. Then you will be safe and the criminals can not gain an advantage. It goes without saying every home should have a monitored home security system, video surveillance cameras or both.

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