Sunday, July 26, 2009

Might as well jump/ a choice between life and pain

Imagine waking up to the sound of crackling wood. The sharp smell of smoke burns your nostrils and eyes. As your lungs burn from oxygen deprivation your crawl, gasping, toward the window. Your fingers fumble to release the latches. The seconds tick, as sound of yours fears broadcasts in your mind. At last the window is raised. You take in the sweet oxygen supplied by fresh air, and with all the strength you can muster, you scream for help. You don’t care about being cool or how in your moment of panic you’ll be perceived. What you’re wearing doesn’t matter. All that matters is your life and anyone else you dearly love trapped inside. How you wish you had wings that could lift you to safety, but you don’t. If ever you needed the help of God and man, you sure do need it now. You don’t hear the sound of sirens in the distance. What will you do? How will call for help? Even with a home or cell phone you still must dial 911, answer questions and wait. Every question answered takes time, time that allows the fury of the flames to grow. Every twenty seconds its size doubles, consuming more and more. How much time do you have left? To live you may need to take the plunge. Jump to save yourself. Can you in this state of panic and confusion jump, risking the possibility of broken bones or worst to free yourself from being cooked alive or asphyxiating from the nauseous smoke? No one should have to make this choice, but they do. Without proper fire protection, this could be you! These situations are real, and the need for monitored fire protection is paramount. In this situation you’d be lucky to awake, because in many cases the smoke renders the occupants of the home unconscious. They never wake succumb to fire’s deadly wrath.
No one wants this to be them. It’s hard to imagine. Properly protecting your home is paramount to assuring the best odds of escape. First, install a monitored fire system that has photo-electric smoke sensors; these sensors can detect the presence of cold smoke as well as a dramatic rise in heat temperature. Along with a monitored fire system, add two-way voice to the system. A two-way voice system will allow the monitoring call center to hear some trapped inside. When the smoke detectors attached to the security system are triggered, a signal will be sent to the monitoring facility. The monitoring facility representative will dispatch the fire department. The following video shows a true scenario of two brothers trapped inside a burning home. Listen, learn and act. Do not allow the sun to set without performing a fire drill. Purchase a rope ladder and an ABC fire extinguisher. Call a local alarm company and install a monitored fire detection system. North Carolina homeowners looking for a no cost evaluation of their home for fire safety can call 919-949-9690 or go to Imagine the peace of mind you will feel, knowing that you and those you love are sufficiently protected.

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