Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Perry Bigley Home Security Method

I was listening to the word famous sports talk radio host Jim Rome, who is the host of the syndicated show called the Jungle, when he gave his spin on Perry Bigley’s 911 call from his home after it had been robbed. Bigley arrived at his home at around 4am and found his storage door open, and proceeded inside to discover a man going through his DVD collection. Bigley was able to subdue the man without the aid of a gun or weapon, and while holding him down, calmly called 911. There were other burglars in the home that escaped with an estimated $11,000 in electronic equipment including six televisions, a laptop and stereo. What makes the story so interesting is Bigley’s demeanor as he places the call and explains the incident to the 911 dispatch officer and tells the perpetrator to please stop resisting. Bigley’s call got him worldwide recognition on the Jim Rome show and across the internet, but he could have just as easily been injured or killed. Walking into your home when you suspect that it has been burglarized is not advised. Bigley would have been better served to have called 911 from outside the home and alerted the police while observing from a safe distance away. He also could have taken down the description of the get-away vehicle and the license tag number. What would have really been great is if he let the air out of all the tires on the getaway vehicle.
It is not known whether Bigley had a home security system or not, but if he didn’t he sure could have used one. The Bigley method earned him his fifteen minutes of fame, but at an $11,000 cost, which will most likely be covered by his homeowner’s policy. Hopefully, he is big sports fan and a “clone” (follower of the Jim Rome Show) of the Jungle. If not, his fifteen minutes of fame is without significance. If there are others who are looking to follow in Bigley’s path as their own home security system, forget about it. Call a reputable local security company and have a system installed. If you are a North Carolina resident and a Jungle listener go to and look under specials for a special offer.

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