Saturday, July 25, 2009

Top reasons realtors should have existing security systems reviewed

Top realtors are customer conscious first and are concerned for the overall well being of their clients. This single trait builds the trust that helps propel them to elite status. Realtors often overlook the need to counsel prospective homebuyers on the need to have a home with an existing alarm or security system reviewed for a potential upgrade. This is equally as important as changing the locks on the home, which is done to protect the homeowner from being victimized by someone having an extra set of keys that they were unaware of. Similar to a house lock, security systems can have extra security 4-digit codes that were assigned to other people that may not be erased. For this reason alone it is not wise to just activate the alarm system as is.

Another reason realtors should suggest a review of the existing alarm or security system, is that most systems are set up on a one size fits all model. This formula leaves many gaps in protection. Most scenarios that mass marketing companies employ is to provide a few door contacts and a motion detector, which is placed in a trap zone area of the home. A trap zone is an area that the burglar is likely to walk through. However, burglars are aware of this technique used by most big box security companies, and can get around it.

The existing burglar alarm does not take into account the unique needs of the new homeowner. The new homeowner may place a piece of furniture that may obstruct a certain device, and the device may need to be repositioned. The new homeowner may have pets, making it necessary to address the motion sensor if one is present. The previous homeowner may have had a small pet and the pet immunity of the current motion sensor was sufficient, but the new homeowner may have a bigger animal or multiple pets. If this is the case the current set-up will not work.

The new homeowner may use a certain room as home office and additional protection may be necessary to secure that area. The new homeowner may have children and want to provide security protection to a child’s room, especially if the bedroom is on the first floor. Many homeowners may be divorced or separated and are concerned about child abduction, especially if there was violence involved or the divorce or separation was extremely bitter or contentious.

Another reason to review the existing system is that the layout of the existing system was exposed during open house showings of the home, making it vulnerable to potential thieves. This situation is multiplied if the floor plans of the home were placed on the internet, where they could be seen by anyone.
If the home is two-story, it is likely that there is no second story security protection, and if the master bedroom is located on the second level of the home it leaves it vulnerable to a wily crook.

A major reason realtors should suggest the need for a security system review, is fire safety. If the home does not have monitored fire protection the homeowner the homeowner is being deprived of a vital benefit that could protect his or her family. House fires claim the lives of more people in the United States than all other natural disasters combined. Most homes with security systems, even if the have a fire device in the main living area, do not have a heat or smoke detection system in the attic. Without attic protection, the occupants of the home are vulnerable to not being alerted if the home is struck by lightning and the attic catches on fire.

I would encourage all realtors whether in Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Goldsboro, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville, North Carolina or anywhere throughout the world to have homes they are selling with existing systems reviewed for the benefit of their clients. This will lead to increased trust, increased referrals, and elite status in the industry. Realtors and Homeowners throughout North Carolina can receive a free consultation of an existing alarm system by calling 919-949-9690 and mentioning this article.

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robert said...

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