Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Using Security Systems to Detect Water Threats

Anything man made is subject to break, and when a pipe or water heater bursts the damage can run in the thousands to replace. Water damage is one of the main reasons people file claims against their homeowners policies. Now it is possible to integrate a home security system with water detection devices that can detect an overflowing toilet, a burst pipe, a burst water heater or flooding washing machine. Honeywell’s 5821 wireless water detector is the perfect fit to deal with these issues. This small unit can be placed almost anywhere and does not require wiring. The unit is compatible with all Honeywell 5800 series wireless devices. One of the largest concerns people have about wireless devices are how long batteries will last. The batteries in the 5821 wireless water detector will last an amazing ten years. Another attractive feature of his product is the cost, which is highly affordable at around $80 retail per unit. The water probe (470PB) that must accompany it cost around $11 per unit.
The 5821 wireless water detector also monitor cold temperatures, with five temperature setting. Water detection and temperature monitoring can be done simultaneously. This means that the device can be used to monitor a refrigerator or freezer.
With more and more people having concerns about home safety, it only makes sense to maximize what your security system is capable of. Water detection devices provide increased value and are a necessary compliment to the fire detection devices many security systems already employ. For more information on security upgrades and water detection devices go to www.whensafetymatters.com or call (919) 949-9690.