Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wake up to Reality

Life safety is something he smugly refused.
Burglary and Fire Protection he'd never use.
Until an electrical fire caused his home to ignite
and now with anguish he laments his plight.
9 months later in a Residence Inn he still stays,
a painful reminder of what happened that day.

A poem written by Jim McNeely
(c) Not for reproduction or reprint without author's consent
October Is Fire Prevention Month

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Breaking-in and Bleeding Out: a Sad Tale of a Life Cut Short

The statement that a single bad decision can lead to a tragic end was proved to be true on yesterday when a 16 year old boy’s life was cut short from injuries he sustained from attempting to escape detection from a home that he and three other boys had broken into. Oscar Lorenzo Perez of 1528 Greenwood Drive, Sanford, NC died from injuries sustained from severe glass cuts to the chest as he crawled out a window of a home located at1810 San Lee Drive, that he and three others had broken into. He and the other boys were startled when they tripped the active security alarm. The home was unoccupied at the time, according to sheriff’s deputies.
According to Perez’s father,Oscar Lorenzo Mojica , his son worked at McDonald’s and had dreams of becoming a manager and owning a business one day. He was a former student of Southern Lee High School, it is unclear whether he had dropped out of school or attending school elsewhere. The sad reality is that any potential good that this boy could have done will never become a reality. As kids give into peer into peer pressure and negative influences they see on television and listen to in music, these sad occurrences will become more and more prevalent.
No parent should have to bury their child, and my deepest sympathy goes out to the family. It is my hope that story will not fade into distant memory, but will be remembered in such a way that good can come out of something so bad. I urge parents and teachers to talk with kids to let them know that negative actions have consequences that go beyond what the penal system could ever do. Let them know that it is important to feed their minds on things that are good, uplifting and morally correct. We must get back to training youth to respect those in authority and other people’s property. A strong work ethic will allow kids to get the things they want in life. This may seem old fashioned, but old fashioned values worked and worked well. When it comes to morality there can be no compromise. It will take community support to turn things around, but it can be done. Let us not judge, but work to change the life of one.
There will never be 100% compliance, so those in the community should protect their families and homes with security systems or other means. Teenagers and older individuals that chose the path of walking on the wrong side of the law should be warned that these actions are not only unwanted in our communities, but they will not be tolerated. Think about the future you want to have, and think before you act. Don’t worry about how doing the right thing today will look to your friends, because making the wrong choice may mean that you will not be here tomorrow.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Your garage could be the staging ground for burglars

Throughout the nation, burglars and thieves are employing the technique of using attached garages as the staging ground to commit their crimes. After casing the neighborhood, selecting a target, learning the intended victim’s routine, vehicle they drive and assessing security weaknesses of the home, burglars attack the weakest point of the home to gain entry. Once inside the home they open the garage door and drive their vehicle inside, close the garage door and clean the victim out. Some of the main areas thieves target are new home subdivisions, because there are so many contractors in these neighborhoods that no one suspects a truck, moving vehicle or car. A new home subdivision is one area where cars cruising through the neighborhood slowly will not raise suspicion, because this is a common action of potential buyers. The burglars may even pose as a potential buyer and speak with their intended mark, asking probing questions and surveying the contents of the home in an attempt to assess items worth stealing.

From the front door of many homes, the back door can be seen from the front, which gives an unscrupulous criminal the complete layout of the home at a glance. Often, the rear door is the most vulnerable, because it is the most secluded. The burglar will kick that door in and because the damage can’t be seen from street level, it will go undetected until the victim returns home. With the burglar’s stash and get away vehicle inside the garage, he or she can operate in complete obscurity. Another reason burglars like garages, is because they can steal tools and lawn and garden equipment. Many homeowners never lock the door that leads from the garage into the house, making access to the home incredibly easy. You may be wondering how a criminal can access a garage from the outside if the garage has an automatic garage door opener.

Burglars have been known to target cars in parking lots. They break into the car and search the glove box. They steal the garage door opener and copy the street address off of the registration. They will wait several weeks and break into the home. Another way of gaining unlawful entry is by breaking out a glass window in the garage door and pulling the red cord attached to the garage door opener. This disables the garage door opener and allows the door to be lifted up. To prevent this, remove the pull cord and never leave your garage door opener in the car. Carry the opener with you and keep your car registration in your wallet. If the vehicle is used by other people, make a copy o the registration for the other drivers to keep in their wallets.

Take special precaution if the garage contains the main fuse box to the home, or an attic access. Whether a garage has these things or not it is still necessary to protect it with a security system. For additional information on security systems go to http://whensafetmatters.com or call (919) 949-9690.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Burglars Don’t Care What Excuse You Use as Long as You Politely Refuse

Burglars and thieves are blight on society and the impact they have on people’s lives is much like a cancer that multiplies without restraint. They remain unseen until the painful evidence shows itself. It is often the nature of people to put off security measures until after they have settled into the new home, or until they do this or that. The fact is they don’t see the immediate need to proceed now, because they do not think that they will be the next victim. They might be right or they might be wrong. I’m not a prophet, but there has been a recent rash of criminal activity that targets new homeowners and relies on homeowner’s tendency to procrastinate. I unfortunately had two clients that purchased security systems but had to put off installation for one reason or another and the day before their installation, they became the victims of what they wanted to prevent. I have heard other stories about how individuals who were broken into made the immediate decision to have a security system installed. Readers of my columns and posts know that I am passionate about my work. A certain unrecognized fact about people with passion for what they do, is that they deeply feel the pain of disappointment, especially when they should have done more.
It’s a fine line between trying to persuade someone about the immediate need to do something today, and not wait till tomorrow, because tomorrow isn’t promised. I was given confirmation about my path and mission in a Bible scripture found in Matthew 24:43. The states, “But know this, if the good man of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.” We don’t know the day or the hour, and it should be clearly evident that we should be vigilant. Putting off until tomorrow what should be done today may very well leave us dismayed. One of the major things that burglars and thieves are looking for are LCD televisions. I can’t stress this point enough purchasing a LCD television and leaving the box on the curb, is a clear indication of what you have. If you are a new homeowner, this should be the best time of your life, but it is also a time when your guard is down. Criminals cruise the new subdivisions as a lion searching for prey. Even if you don’t have an LCD television you are still at risk. Get a security system, and don’t hide behind the excuse looking for the cheapest price. I have always stressed using a great company, checking the Better Business Bureau ratings, getting references, and looking at the online reputation of the representative as well as the company. This will serve you well, but you need to do these things with a sense of urgency, like cutting on your lights, cable and internet. What’s more important than the safety of your family other than your relationship with God? I can’t think of too many other things.
I realize that this post may be judged by some in a negative light, but its intent is to help those who know that what I am saying is right, and if it helps them to not become a victim, I have done my job. I realize, that in fulfilling my purpose I can not please everyone, but those I do please I will exceed expectations and by changing the course of what happens to one individual or family, I have changed the world for good. If you are in need of a life safety system, contact me at http://whensafetymatters.com or call me at 919-949-9690.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Harmlessly Alarmed, Exposing the Weaknesses of Major Security System Installations

The primary reason people install a security in their homes is to protect themselves and their possessions. Often the selection of a company is based on familiarity of name due to slick advertising and low price. Sadly, customers expecting to get good value for the dollar are shocked and angered to discover that most hard-wired systems installed by alarm companies big and small can be defeated in less than 20 seconds by criminals, which exploit a glaring weakness in the alarm system design installation.
The majority of security system packages promoted by mass marketing volume driven companies, offer either two or three contacts and a motion sensor. Hard-wired alarm systems contain a master-control unit that runs the unit. All the devices are connected to the master-control unit through wires. The major protection for this unit is a simple metal can, secured either with a screw or a simple lock. The location of the master-control is usually located I a very obvious place. This device, which is the brain of the security panel, is completely vulnerable, because it is only protected by a lock and at least one door in the home has a delay, to allow the homeowner to enter the home and deactivate the system. The delay is commonly set at 30 seconds or more, which gives even the most novice criminal ample time to kick in the time-delayed door and proceed to the master-control unit. Once the criminal is inside the home they are able to open the box with a flat head screw driver and cut the power, disable the battery back-up and communication of the unit. This can be done in under 20 seconds, and what makes this situation worst, is that many companies program a dialer delay into their units that prevent the alarm system from calling the monitoring station, which dispatches the police, when activated for an additional 30 to 90 seconds. They claim it prevents false alarms.
A simple solution to this problem is to add a contact to the closet door where the master-control is located or install a pressure switch to the back of the master-control unit canister housing that will trigger an instant alarm in the event that it is pried from the wall. For far too long, many in the security industry have profited from doing the least required. This has put the lives of those they serve at risk of becoming victims of what they claim to deter. These companies then insulate themselves in legal agreements which absolve them from litigation from clients that have been victimized due to their negligence.
If you are a North Carolina homeowner concerned about the vulnerability of your security system and would like a free evaluation go to http;//whensafetymatters.com or call (919) 949-9690. Homeowners outside of North Carolina should direct their questions at the contact us form at www.whensafetymatters.com.