Sunday, October 11, 2009

Breaking-in and Bleeding Out: a Sad Tale of a Life Cut Short

The statement that a single bad decision can lead to a tragic end was proved to be true on yesterday when a 16 year old boy’s life was cut short from injuries he sustained from attempting to escape detection from a home that he and three other boys had broken into. Oscar Lorenzo Perez of 1528 Greenwood Drive, Sanford, NC died from injuries sustained from severe glass cuts to the chest as he crawled out a window of a home located at1810 San Lee Drive, that he and three others had broken into. He and the other boys were startled when they tripped the active security alarm. The home was unoccupied at the time, according to sheriff’s deputies.
According to Perez’s father,Oscar Lorenzo Mojica , his son worked at McDonald’s and had dreams of becoming a manager and owning a business one day. He was a former student of Southern Lee High School, it is unclear whether he had dropped out of school or attending school elsewhere. The sad reality is that any potential good that this boy could have done will never become a reality. As kids give into peer into peer pressure and negative influences they see on television and listen to in music, these sad occurrences will become more and more prevalent.
No parent should have to bury their child, and my deepest sympathy goes out to the family. It is my hope that story will not fade into distant memory, but will be remembered in such a way that good can come out of something so bad. I urge parents and teachers to talk with kids to let them know that negative actions have consequences that go beyond what the penal system could ever do. Let them know that it is important to feed their minds on things that are good, uplifting and morally correct. We must get back to training youth to respect those in authority and other people’s property. A strong work ethic will allow kids to get the things they want in life. This may seem old fashioned, but old fashioned values worked and worked well. When it comes to morality there can be no compromise. It will take community support to turn things around, but it can be done. Let us not judge, but work to change the life of one.
There will never be 100% compliance, so those in the community should protect their families and homes with security systems or other means. Teenagers and older individuals that chose the path of walking on the wrong side of the law should be warned that these actions are not only unwanted in our communities, but they will not be tolerated. Think about the future you want to have, and think before you act. Don’t worry about how doing the right thing today will look to your friends, because making the wrong choice may mean that you will not be here tomorrow.

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