Saturday, October 10, 2009

Your garage could be the staging ground for burglars

Throughout the nation, burglars and thieves are employing the technique of using attached garages as the staging ground to commit their crimes. After casing the neighborhood, selecting a target, learning the intended victim’s routine, vehicle they drive and assessing security weaknesses of the home, burglars attack the weakest point of the home to gain entry. Once inside the home they open the garage door and drive their vehicle inside, close the garage door and clean the victim out. Some of the main areas thieves target are new home subdivisions, because there are so many contractors in these neighborhoods that no one suspects a truck, moving vehicle or car. A new home subdivision is one area where cars cruising through the neighborhood slowly will not raise suspicion, because this is a common action of potential buyers. The burglars may even pose as a potential buyer and speak with their intended mark, asking probing questions and surveying the contents of the home in an attempt to assess items worth stealing.

From the front door of many homes, the back door can be seen from the front, which gives an unscrupulous criminal the complete layout of the home at a glance. Often, the rear door is the most vulnerable, because it is the most secluded. The burglar will kick that door in and because the damage can’t be seen from street level, it will go undetected until the victim returns home. With the burglar’s stash and get away vehicle inside the garage, he or she can operate in complete obscurity. Another reason burglars like garages, is because they can steal tools and lawn and garden equipment. Many homeowners never lock the door that leads from the garage into the house, making access to the home incredibly easy. You may be wondering how a criminal can access a garage from the outside if the garage has an automatic garage door opener.

Burglars have been known to target cars in parking lots. They break into the car and search the glove box. They steal the garage door opener and copy the street address off of the registration. They will wait several weeks and break into the home. Another way of gaining unlawful entry is by breaking out a glass window in the garage door and pulling the red cord attached to the garage door opener. This disables the garage door opener and allows the door to be lifted up. To prevent this, remove the pull cord and never leave your garage door opener in the car. Carry the opener with you and keep your car registration in your wallet. If the vehicle is used by other people, make a copy o the registration for the other drivers to keep in their wallets.

Take special precaution if the garage contains the main fuse box to the home, or an attic access. Whether a garage has these things or not it is still necessary to protect it with a security system. For additional information on security systems go to or call (919) 949-9690.

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